Navmaster ECDIS is up-to-date against all current standards including the new IEC 61174 Edt. 4 and the IHO Presentation Library Edt 4.0.

Most importantly, Navmaster ECDIS meet carriage requirements from 31st August 2017 when the IHO withdraws support for version 3.4 of its Presentation Library. Existing ECDIS must be updated by then to meet carriage requirements.

The purpose of the Presentation Library Edt 4.0 is:

·         To reduce alarms.

·         To put chart objects into optimised Viewing Groups for easy display of chart data.

To add symbology including:

·         Automatic update symbology to identify where changes to ENCs have occurred.

·         An indicator to show that data is temporary.

·         Highlighting of features that pose a danger to the vessel’s intended track.

The new standards have required other features and interfaces to be implemented including:

·         Anchor watch.

·         Interfaces to BNWAS, BAM, VDR, Navtex.

·         Hover-over function for quick access to chart object information.

·         Quick report showing update status of installed ENCs – especially useful for Port State Inspections.

·         Verify route against chart hazards, & turn radius value that must be carried out before a route may be used for position monitoring.

·         User profiles to optimise settings per user, operations or sailing area.

Duration: 2 Days


·         Generic IMO Model 1.27 Course.

·         Identification card or passport

·         2 passport size-coloured photographs

Note to Student: After successful completion of course, certificate will be issued to the participant.