An Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a geographic information system. It is used for safe nautical navigation that meets the standards of International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations and is used as an alternative to paper nautical charts. It integrates speedy and accurate daily information data such as Distance to go, Distance covered, Average speed etc and it also combines with other navigational sensors and radars like Navtex, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and depth sounders. Nowadays, this system is widely used on increasing number of ships.

With the advent of paperless navigation system the mandatory requirement for type-specific ECDIS training came into force on 1st January, 2012. The new requirements in ECDIS training from the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments, the ISM Code and consequently tough Port State Control regulations mean that flexible and hands-on, type-specific, training has become an essential for today’s seafarers. The course consists of the officers been trained in handling various ECIDS installation for specific ships with competency and safety measures.

But, many mariners are lacking the technical knacks in handling such an advance integrated system due to which the best usage of this system is not being realised. Therefore, to assist the officers in becoming an ace and mastering the skills of this navigational tool ECDIS training Center has specially designed a cost-effective certified TYPE SPECIFIC ECDIS course for the navigators to ensure the optimum utilization of ECDIS systems.

Type specific Approved courses offered at ECDISPLUS are:

JRC,TokyoKeiki,KelvinHughes, Consilium, IMTECH, Chartworld, Rautheon Anschutz, Transas, SAM Electronic ECDISPILOT Platinum, Seven Cs, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, Simrad, Navmaster.Furuno, Kongsberg, Martek, Wartsila Navi-Sailor 4000, SIMRAD Maris, IMTECH SeaGuide, Concilium ECDIS G2,Denelac

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