Much like all the other the new technologies in the maritime industry ECDIS also requires formal training and familiarity in order to avoid expensive mistakes considering the complexity of ECDIS operations. This is why, it has been split in Generic ECDIS training and Type-specific training. While the Generic ECDIS training is aimed at preparing a mariner for important model-specific ECDIS instruction, it does not help in the practical application the technology. That is where Type-specific training comes which focuses on the different features available in different models from various manufacturers. But it also focuses on basic things like route planning, position plotting and other such things important for safe Navigation All bridge officers on vessels which have ECDIS as the primary means of navigation are required to complete two types of ECDIS training: Generic ECDIS training is based on IMO Model Course 1.27 and approved by the relevant Maritime Administration.

Advantages Of ECDIS E-Navigation

  1. The efficiency of navigation.
  2. Practical as well as financial accessibility
  3. Availability of safety features
  4. Constant monitoring and real-time alerts
  5. Environment-friendly and waste reduction
  6. Customized alarm settings

Disadvantages of ECDIS E-Navigation

  1. Scope for error due to bad inputs
  2. Can desensitize a mariner to alarm
  3. Overreliance on technology
  4. Limited due to hardware
  5. Technical faults and fallibility
  6. Lack of uniformity in every ECDIS system