• Course Access: 2-day training course
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: Upon Completion
  • Strong Authentication: Yes

Navmaster ECDIS: Stay Ahead of the Curve with Cutting-Edge Technology

Navigating today's maritime landscape demands absolute confidence in your navigational tools. Introducing the Navmaster ECDIS, your gateway to unwavering compliance and enhanced chart data visualization.

Unwavering Compliance:

  • Future-proof your operations:¬†Navmaster ECDIS adheres to¬†all current standards,¬†including the¬†new IEC 61174 Edt. 4 and IHO Presentation Library Edt 4.0.
  • Stay ahead of regulations:¬†Meet¬†carriage requirements from August 31st, 2017,¬†when the IHO withdraws support for Presentation Library Edt.¬†3.4.¬†Upgrade with confidence and avoid downtime.

Enhanced Chart Data Visualization:

  • Reduced alarm fatigue:¬†Focus on critical information with¬†optimized Viewing Groups¬†that streamline chart data presentation.
  • Clearer situational awareness:¬†Leverage¬†intelligent symbology¬†including automatic update indicators,¬†temporary data flags,¬†and hazard highlighting.
  • Faster access to information:¬†Utilize the¬†hover-over function¬†for instant chart object details.

Beyond the Charts:

  • Enhanced safety features:¬†Benefit from¬†anchor watch, BNWAS, BAM, VDR, and Navtex interfaces.
  • Streamlined route planning:¬†Verify routes against chart hazards and ensure compliance with turn radius requirements.
  • Personalized workflows:¬†Create¬†user profiles¬†for optimal settings based on individual needs and operating conditions.

Invest in your success:

  • Comprehensive 2-day training course:¬†Gain the knowledge and skills to fully unlock the power of Navmaster ECDIS.
  • Tailored curriculum:¬†Prerequisites include¬†IMO Model 1.27 Course¬†and standard documentation.
  • Certification upon completion:¬†Receive a certificate recognized by industry professionals.

Don't settle for outdated systems. Choose Navmaster ECDIS and navigate with confidence towards a safer, more efficient future.

Contact us today to learn more about how Navmaster ECDIS can elevate your maritime operations.